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Double Feature
March 4, 2012

Following this afternoon’s “season opener” dance performance with Kathy Mata Ballet, Alanna will be swapping out her dance shoes for her musical instruments to make merry once again at SF’s Bazaar Cafe. She’ll be performing with two of her bands – Bugs In Costumes and The Honeybelles – in what’s sure to be a hilarious, harmonious evening! Featuring:

• the eclectic and talented musical duo McPuzo & Trotsky
• the beautiful harmonies of The Honeybelles
• and Bugs In Costumes, bringing more brutal bitter raunchy cuteness…in song.

That’s 3 bands, no cover! Showtime is 6:00 p.m. on March 4th at Bazaar Café (5927 California St. @ 21st Ave.)

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
March 2, 2012

Gnosis will be stepping out in style and kicking up our heels with a fun, flirty, 1920s jazz-inspired number at this Sunday’s “End of Winter Celebration”, presented by Kathy Mata Ballet.

We’re excited to start the 2012 season with such an exuberant piece and for such a great cause. We can’t help but grin from ear to ear when we dance this rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin'”, and we hope the wonderful folks at the Sequoias – San Francisco Senior Living Facility will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy performing it!

A Musical Interlude
January 30, 2012


Come see our very own Alanna Taylor-Tobin performing with not one, but two bands this Sunday in San Francisco!

A gal of many talents both on and off the dance floor, Alanna will be singing, strumming, drumming and more with her acoustic comedy quartet, Bugs In Costumes and soulful songstress, Lea Carey Grant.

Showtime is 6:00 p.m. on Feb. 5th at the beloved Bazaar Café (5927 California St. @ 21st Ave.) and you can visit Bugs In Costumes on facebook for loads more info.

It’s sure to be a super Sunday night. 😉 We hope to see you there!

First Performance of 2012
January 21, 2012

We’re so thrilled to be invited by the wonderful and talented Kathy Mata for our first performance of the new year!

Continuing our long tradition of volunteerism, community service, and bringing the joy of dance to under-represented audiences, Gnosis Dance Collective will be joining several other Bay Area artists for Kathy’s “End of Winter Celebration” to be held on March 4th at The Sequoias – San Francisco Senior Living Facility. We’ll be debuting a fun and frisky rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin'” and it’s sure to be a blast.

And speaking of the new year…are you still wondering how to get moving on that fitness resolution? Why not dance! It’s never too late to begin at the beginning, no matter your age, profession, fitness level or previous experience. Dancing is the perfect way to revive your body, mind and spirit. You can check out one of Kathy’s highly acclaimed Ballet for Adult classes at Alonzo King’s LINES Dance Center and Carol Wei’s School of Dance.

Looking for a little extra inspiration? Here’s a great article that’s sure to get your feet tapping: “You’ve Grown Up, Now Dance!

Hope to see you on the dance floor in 2012!

Looking Forward
January 17, 2012


My, how time flies!

2011 was full of so many exciting transitions and transformations for us all- a year of both triumphant completions and new beginnings, of adventure, perseverance, invaluable life lessons and incredible creative collaborations…in other words, a year of gnosis.

And as we greet the new year together now, we find ourselves emerging from our cocoons and eager to spread our wings. Harnessing the power of our life experiences to fuel our passion for story-telling through dance has always been the essence of our creative process. It’s no wonder then that 2012 has us primed for new challenges, new opportunities and lots of new tales to tell!

We look forward to sharing our metamorphoses with you in the months to come, as well as showing you all the fun and secret stuff that we’ve been up to since you saw us last. So check back for updates and upcoming performances as we welcome 2012 with open hearts and dancing feet.

Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for being here!

Bonne Année!
January 2, 2011

Happy New Year from Gnosis Dance Collective! May 2011 be filled to the brim with love, light, and dance for you and yours!

Oh, What A Night!
November 22, 2010

This year’s “Dance for Another Day” was by far the biggest and most successful fundraiser yet! The DFAD Cast & Crew totally rocked the house, and our amazing audience packed it! We are so excited and proud to announce that, thanks to the generosity and combined efforts of countless volunteers, dancers, family, and friends in our outstanding community, “Dance for Another Day” has now raised nearly $20,000 for the Alliance for Lupus Research since our inception in 2008. And not only was this year’s production a huge fundraising success…it was an incredible dance show, to boot! 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years and helped our little show to flourish. We look forward to seeing you all for another record-breaking season in 2011!

Help Us Fight Lupus!
October 24, 2010

It’s hard to believe that another Fall has fallen…it seems like only yesterday that we were brainstorming about this “brand new idea” for a charity dance show/fundraiser. Now in its 3rd year, “Dance for Another Day” has raised nearly $10,000 for lupus research and has become one of the fastest-growing and unique open forums for dance performance in the Bay Area! Our tremendous success is thanks entirely to you– our friends, family, and colleagues who have donated to our cause and supported us tirelessly throughout the years.

We’re thrilled to officially announce the 2010 “Dance for Another Day” Charity Dance Showcase Benefiting the Alliance for Lupus Research, which will take place on the evening of November 20th at San Francisco’s Z Space @ Theater Artaud. This year’s performance will showcase the talents of more than 100 dancers from throughout the Bay Area’s diverse dance scene, featuring modern, hip-hop, salsa, samba, swing, tango, bellydance, ballroom, jazz, Afro-Brazilian, blues fusion, and more. Our vast community has come together to support the ALR in the fight against lupus, and we hope you will join us! Here’s how you can help:

**Come to the show!**
Tickets are on sale now at and 100% OF THE SHOW’S PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE ALLIANCE FOR LUPUS RESEARCH! Last year’s show was a sell-out performance with standing room only, so we encourage you to get your tickets early. To find out more about the ALR, the show, and this year’s exceptional cast, please visit

**Make a donation!**
Even if you cannot attend the performance, there are many other ways that you can support this vital cause. The show simply could not take place without generous gifts from our patrons and donors. No amount is too small, and every dollar you contribute to the show is another dollar that can be donated to the ALR. If you can spare a dollar, five, ten, or more, you will be co-creating this wonderful event with us and lending your strength to the fight against this devastating disease. Email if you would like to make a donation to the “Dance for Another Day” fund.

**Contribute a raffle prize!**
Do you own a business or provide a service that you would like to promote? “Dance for Another Day” is proud to partner with individuals and businesses who share our passion for this cause. Last year’s raffle featured a variety of prizes, from free dance lessons and yoga classes to luxury spa services, and all donors are featured in our printed program. It’s a great way to promote your endeavors and find new clientele, and every penny we raise with the raffle is donated to the ALR. Please email today if you would like to contribute a prize.

**Spread the word!**
Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is just sharing information with others. Do you know anyone who can make a donation or who might want to attend the show? Tell a friend, link to our Website (, forward this email along and keep it going. The motto “Someone you know has lupus” has become a theme amongst lupus survivors and has proven to be true for many of us. Don’t underestimate the power of one voice– just by letting others know about this important cause, you are helping increase awareness and joining in the fight!

“Dance for Another Day” is a fun and uplifting event with a deeply personal and heartfelt purpose. Lupus has forever changed my life and the lives of those I love in countless ways. There is no known cure and the current treatments, including aggressive chemotherapy and long-term steroid use, are often as devastating and even as deadly as the disease itself, which is why the work of the ALR is so crucial. I have dedicated my own life to helping those who suffer from this disease and “Dance for Another Day” has become a beacon of hope and a celebration of life for many who have been touched by the effects of lupus. We dance in honor of those we have lost and in support of those who are still fighting as well as those of us yet to be diagnosed. We appreciate your help and the strength you give us, and we hope to see you at this year’s event. Thank you so much for all of your precious time and efforts…together, we will find a cure!

Yours with deepest thanks,

Tamara LaRee Smart
Gnosis Dancer & Founding Director of “Dance for Another Day”

Step Right Up…
October 12, 2010

The wait is over! Tickets are on sale NOW for the 3rd Annual “Dance for Another Day” Charity Dance Showcase benefiting the Alliance for Lupus Research at

So spread the word and please join us for what promises to be an unforgettable night of dance–modern, hip-hop, ballroom, jazz, bellydance, samba, salsa, blues, tango, fusion, Afro-Brazilian and so much more!

Remember, all proceeds will go the ALR ( and this show will sell out, so grab your seat now…

Thank you all for your support!

“Dance for Another Day” 2010!
September 28, 2010

It’s official! This year’s “Dance for Another Day” Charity Dance Showcase will be on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Z Space @ Theatre Artaud in San Francisco!

The “Dance for Another Day” Charity Dance Showcase Benefiting the Alliance for Lupus Research is an evening of dance performance that showcases the diverse talents of professional and student dancers from throughout the Bay Area. This year’s featured performers will include Paco Gomes & Dancers, Freeplay Dance Crew, Funk4Soul, Vima Vice Squad, and nearly 100 other professional and student dancers from all over the bay! With modern, hip-hop, Argentine tango, salsa, samba, Afro-Brazilian, ballroom, jazz and more, “Dance for Another Day” has something for everybody, and all for a great cause!

DFAD is a forum for all backgrounds and styles of dance, a place where our community can come together with the single goal of supporting this vital cause. 100% of the evening’s proceeds are donated to the Alliance for Lupus Research! (

Learn more at!