Gnosis Dance Collective was established in April 2008 with the goal of creating a new open forum for all levels and styles of dance performance. The Gnosis dancers come from a wide variety of backgrounds with more than 15 (and counting!) styles of dance between them. Prior to forming Gnosis, members of the group danced together in many studios and on many stages over the years. They’ve joined now to help usher in a new era of dance performance and education with the motto, “To Dance is to Know.”

The founders of Gnosis believe that dance is each person’s unique expression and that it is our responsibility as artists to eliminate the segregation that too often occurs within our beautifully diverse community. Their choreography and musicality bridge the gap between many types of dance, embracing all of the genres and creative experiences that have shaped their lives. Their dedication to expanding horizons and celebrating diversity and change drives their work. With its playful spirit and passion for exploration, Gnosis offers a fresh take on such topics as love, loss, sexual empowerment, self-discovery and childhood dreams. Audiences declare that the exuberance and imagination of a Gnosis performance is contagious!

In addition to performing locally and producing the annual “Dance for Another Day” Charity Dance Showcase Benefiting the Alliance for Lupus Research, Gnosis dancers also contribute to their community by teaching in environments that range from studios and schools to corporations and biotechnology firms. Their mission is to spread the joy of dance to as many different people as possible through outreach and entertainment, inspiring and helping individuals to discover the dancer that lives within us all.

Contact Gnosis at gnosisdance@gmail.com


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