Looking Forward


My, how time flies!

2011 was full of so many exciting transitions and transformations for us all- a year of both triumphant completions and new beginnings, of adventure, perseverance, invaluable life lessons and incredible creative collaborations…in other words, a year of gnosis.

And as we greet the new year together now, we find ourselves emerging from our cocoons and eager to spread our wings. Harnessing the power of our life experiences to fuel our passion for story-telling through dance has always been the essence of our creative process. It’s no wonder then that 2012 has us primed for new challenges, new opportunities and lots of new tales to tell!

We look forward to sharing our metamorphoses with you in the months to come, as well as showing you all the fun and secret stuff that we’ve been up to since you saw us last. So check back for updates and upcoming performances as we welcome 2012 with open hearts and dancing feet.

Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for being here!


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