Back to School

It’s September and just like everyone else, Gnosis is heading back to class (more on that to come!) And what would a back-to-school post be without a recap of our summer fun? So here it goes- “What We Did Over Summer Vacation”, Gnosis style.

1. One can never have too many fruity, umbrella-laden drinks while vacationing on a tropical island, but Tamara sure tried.

2. Yet again Alanna amazed us all with her musical prowess, adding her vocals to Lea Grant’s new release, “Cities of Snow”.

3. And she continued to tantalize us with her scrumptious creations over at The Bojon Gourmet, which celebrates its 4th birthday this month. (I do believe cake is in order!)

4. Mike’s been playing in waves of the light and sound variety with the talented Kinetech gang at KUNST-STOFF arts.

5. Steve stayed busy bringing the world closer together with his polyglotinous (that must be a word in some language) skills.

6. Tamara conquered new frontiers with the arts + medicine, bringing Expressive Arts Therapy to hospital patients and gathering new trainees along the way.

7. As if recording a full-length studio album weren’t impressive enough, Alanna also played a slew of gigs with her enchanting Honeybelles.

8. While Steve’s imagination worked overtime on some kooky, clever, and altogether brilliant script concepts.

9.  Our fur-babies kept us all endlessly entertained with puppy play and kitty cavorting.

10. We may have occasionally jazzercised, but without all the perms and polyester, and with lots more giggle fits.

11. Sharing rehearsal time with The Latin Symbolics gave us a sneak peek at lots of their “WOW!”-inducing choreography.

12. And we all worked diligently on our summer reading lists.

13. We filled our plates with photo projects, painting, graphic design, poetry- and song-writing, cosplay, and a smorgasbord of other creative endeavors.

14. We traveled and played with our partners, families, and friends.

15. And just when we thought the wait would never end, we FINALLY got back in the studio with the always amazing, eternally inspiring, and downright awesome Molly Kozma, who we’re excited to say will be keeping us very busy in the days ahead…

So stay tuned as always for more news, announcements, and antics from the Gnosis bunch. We won’t even require a signed permission slip to let you join the fun!


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  1. Hi Michael This is a great post. Love it.

    Regards, Kathy Mata, CDT

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    • Hi Kathy, so glad you enjoy our blog. 🙂 Thanks always for your support and hope to see you soon! Yours, T.

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